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The Science of Tekhelet

An overview article discussing the history of Tekhelet, its loss and rediscovery, and the science relating to the dye and its snail source. Published in the book "Tekhelet: Renaissance of a Mitzvah", 1996 by Yeshiva University Press

Judaism and Darwinian Evolution

Published in Tradition (29, 1994: 48-75), this article explores the conflict between Judaism and the theory of Evolution.

Rav Herzog and the Search for Tekhelet

Published in Masua Le'Yitzchak Vol II. (Yad Harav Herzog, 2009, Jerusalem), a collection of essays in honor of the 50th anniversary of Rav Herzog's passing. (in Hebrew)

Jewish Cryptography

Published in the Shabbat section of the Hebrew weekly, Makor Rishon, this article discusses the meaning of the Talmudic phrase "Greek Wisdom" and why was there such a strong prohibition against its study.

A Star by Any Other Name

An essay discussing the Earth's precession and the effect it has played on the Jewish calendar over the centuries. A Hebrew version was printed in the Israeli paper Makor Rishon in November, 2008 and is available here.   Page 1 Page 2

The Faith of a Physicist

A review of the book "The Faith of a Physicist" by John Polkinghorne. It was published in the Jerusalem Post in 1998.

Rabbi Levi

Published in Makor Rishon, 2009 in Hebrew this essay discusses Rabbi Levi ben Gershon, known as the Ralbag or Gersonides, a great Jewish philosopher and Biblical commentator. He was also an extremely important and famous astronomer.

The Meaning of Tekhelet

Published in B'Or HaTorah (Number 11, 1999) this essay explores the reasons suggested by various authorities for wearing Tekhelet. It discusses the symbolism behind the mitzvah and how wearing Tekhelet "reminds us of all God's commandments"

Response to Understanding the Criteria for the Chilazon

Published in the Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society, Vol. 43, Spring 2002, this is a response to Dr. Mendel Singer’s article challenging the Murex Trunculus as the source for the Tekhelet dye.

For This is your Wisdom

An essay regarding the the nature of Torah and Science, and an attempt to frame the discussion. What are the boundaries and what are the options for a believing Jewish scientist?

BDD Review

Published in B'Or HaTorah (Number 18, 2008), a review of Bar Ilan's Journal - BDD volumes 19-20.

The Design of the Cosmos

Published in the Jerusalem Post, this essay reflects on the notion of design as found in physicist Lee Smolin's The Life of the Cosmos in contrast to Psalm 104.

The First Jew in America

Published in Hebrew in Makor Rishon, this article recounts the story of Yoachim Ganz, who came over to America on Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition to Roanoke Island.